Helix Vodka and Askur Gin - Package - 1 Liter

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Helix Vodka sources the highest quality, hand-picked wheat from the Champagne region of France; the result is in an ultra-premium spirit of unsurpassed character. This spirit then undergoes a series of filtration steps and is blended with pure Icelandic water, which has a very low mineral content and high alkaline level; ensuring Helix Vodka a clean, crisp taste.

Askur Yggdrasil (ig-dri-sil) is the name of the Tree of Life in Nordic mythology. In literature, the tree is located in the center of the Nordic universe, joining the nine realms. Askur Yggdrasil Gin evokes this appropriately Nordic heritage by sourcing high quality ingredients from all over Europe that are joined together in one distillate.